Animals in the wilderness capture the raw beauty of nature. Domesticated animals and pets capture the connection between humans and all other species. Landscapes and seascapes define the habitats of animals who live in the wild. Mountains, prairies, forests, tundra, oceans, lakes, rivers and streams provide human observers but a glimpse of abundant wildlife, and along with them, a chance to reflect on the infinite complexity of life.

For these reasons, Valerie Connelly calls her studio: STRANGER IN THE WILDERNESS. The power of Nature can be soft and gentle, it can be turbulent and violent, but Nature is ever-lasting. That realization makes us all strangers in the wilderness.

Enjoy browsing the imagaery you see here. Those images that are not marked SOLD are available for purchase. Should you have a favorite subject you'd like to see hanging on your wall at home or at work, Valerie is happy to paint your commission. Pricing is determined through discussion with the client.