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Valerie Connelly
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WELCOME! Here you will find Valerie Connelly's

Music, Books and Art.



When a child says to a grandparent, “Tell me a story,” and adds the idea “from your childhood,” the grandparent is blessed and (only gently) cursed at the same time. Suddenly, the young years of life flash in the mind, and the question is, “”How can I tell him about that? Well, nothing is more endearing. The challenge is to tell the stories with honesty, humor, and a gentle revelation about life. GOOSH GOSH FROM THE LILAC KITCHEN is a collection of eight stories that take the reader to humorous moments in a childhood filled with fun and learning adventures. Available on Amazon and as an eBook for the iPad, Kindle, Nook and Kobo.





Valerie founded Nightengale Press, A Nightengale Media Company LLC in 2003, and as a book publisher, she has published over 160 books for authors from all over the US, Canada, Australia and Europe. For more information about this revolutionary publishing firm, go to for more information. Valerie has authored five titles herself, two novels, two children’s book and a myth-busting guide to the book publishing industry, and is currently writing a third novel.


Valerie is a singer/songwriter, pianist and composer. She studied piano for seventeen years, voice for five years, learned to play guitar, and has been composing songs since she was fourteen years old. She has written several hundred copyrighted songs since she began composing at the age of 14. She joined ASCAP in 1987. Now with nine albums to her credit, she
performed a one act musical HER STORY in April 2013 and the inspiration for FEARLESS! which is a full length musical currently being created. Click on the MUSIC tab to hear her music and down load her songs from the MUSIC STORE tab.


Valerie founded BlockArt Prints Inc, in the mid-1990’s, and created hundreds of custom-designed, hand-carved block printed images for greeting cards and note cards for Chicago’s Brookfield Zoo and Lincoln Park Zoo, American Express, and many small and medium-sized businesses in the Chicago area. She patented the Glowbox, which is an illuminated box that holds interchangeable panels of these images. In 1999, she began painting again and in the intervening ten years, has created a large portfolio of work, STRANGER IN THE WILDERNESS, which continues to expand monthly. Click on ART GALLERY to see  her paintings. Commissions welcome.


Valerie started her teaching career in Togo, West Africa as a Peace Corps Volunteer. She taught English as a Second Language (ESL) there for two years. She returned to the United States, earned her Masters Degree at Northwestern University and taught French Language and Literature in public high schools, middle schools and community colleges in the north-suburban area of Chicago for twenty-five years. She was nominated to the Who’s Who in Education five times during her teaching career, and was elected Teacher of the Year by Phi Kappa Delta, receiving the OUTSTANDING EDUCATOR AWARD 2005, in Recognition for Extraordinary Dedication, Commitment and Service to Education.


Valerie has traveled extensively in France, Italy, England, Germany, Switzerland, Luxembourg, Belgium, Holland, Spain, West Africa, and Iran. She designed the first curriculum and set up a school teaching ESL in Iran in the early 1970’s before the fall of the Shah. At the height of her teaching career she founded the non-profit Overseas Alliance to take American students to France on a month-long immersion language study program which she wrote and taught. During five summers more than eighty American youth met then President François Mitterrand, who was an acquaintance of Valerie’s from her college and Peace Corps years.



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